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What's included?
the container we create will be tailored to your uniquely desired experience. Below is an example of the way I can hold space for you during your potent portal. 
COST: $3,333
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Birth Doula Services
  • cultivation of desired birth plan (approx. 1.5 hrs)
  • de-briefing of previous pregnancies and/or birth experiences (if applicable)
  • relaxation, massage, birth visualisation, healing, counselling as appropriate
  • creation of birth/alter space
  • tailored nutrition plan for during pregnancy 
  • nourishment throughout your labour (food, drink, homeopathies, massage etc..)
  • music (playlists, medicine drumming, handpan etc.)
  • advocacy of your birth plan throughout the entire process
  • honouring of your Golden Hour with baby (skin-on-skin, latching, placental delivery etc.)
  • on-call 24 hours for your from 2 weeks prior to 2 weeks following your EDD
  • I will be by your side for three prenatal visits, the duration of your labour, and up to two hours following delivery
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